About Ice-cream in Pakistan

This blog is a humorous account of my holiday in Pakistan in December 2012 and January 2013. Whilst studying at the University of Nottingham I was lucky to live in a very international house with people from a lot of countries that I had never been to. My Pakistani housemates quickly became especially good friends and after Fayeza’s return to her home country we decided to explore it together. We spent hours on skype making plans and discussing the state of the country, how it had come to be in such a mess and that it wasn’t actually as messy as European news watchers thought it was. I also learnt a couple of Urdu phrases which wasn’t difficult at all. But there was one thing we both hadn’t considered and I would only learn at Jeddah airport when checking in for my connecting flight to Karachi. The guy who checked my tickets, asked me: “Karachi?” and when I said: “Yes” giggled while entering my details. I smiled and asked him: “What’s wrong?” He said that I am the first ever German who is going to Pakistan. I asked: “really?” and he said: the first that I have met, and he smiled happily at me. Thus began the journey of the first ever German to visit Pakistan. Being the first is great when you get special foods, get showered with gifts and your presence means that people get to see their museums, monuments and ancient sights. But being first also made the sombre academic essay that was meant to be a preparation for my final exams at uni simply impossible. On the day that I boarded the plane back to Germany I felt that I understood Pakistan much less than before coming there.  As the first ever German I had inevitably found myself in numerous comical situations. Sometimes I wanted to laugh, sometimes I wanted to cry. Now I just want to know what the hell is going on …

Usually travel blogs are written chronologically and start when the journey begins. There is a simple reason why this one starts one week after my return to Germany. As I the language constituted a greater barrier than I had thought, I have now decided to learn Urdu. Fayeza once explained Urdu to our Indian house mate. “Since it is written in Arabic script, we read from right to left and our books also start from the left hand side.” He replied: “So, does that mean, that you start with the conclusion???” As a first step on my way to learning Urdu I will start my blog with the conclusion.

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