Social Stories

Not an MRA post but might be a good laugh 🙂

I recently attended a conference where I learned about social stories, so I thought I’d share that knowledge:

Imagine yourself scrambling up a mounhill (in the UK heaps of sand and stones that are structured like mountains but do not have the required size). After you have just come up a very steep incline you suddenly see two chaps standing next to a car on there. Camera out – because proof or it wasn’t there. And before you know it you’re asking them how they’ve come up there in the care and what they’re doing up there with the car. None of that is a problem if you’re are up there with someone aged 10 or under. Because they would also want to know these things. But if you are there with someone over the age of 10 you now have a problem because for some reason people over the age of 10 do not seem to notice cars on top of mountains and seem to have no desire of finding out how they got there. So you now need to make up a story of why you needed to talk to these guys that makes sense to a person over the age of 10. A good social story in this case is: “I was trying to get us a lift down”. It’s a social story because it keeps the social fabric intact. 🙂


And then your social story becomes almost real as you watch them actually drive down the mountain – which looks like a looooooooot of fun – and you say to your friend over the age of 10: “We should have really hitched a ride with them.”

This isn’t actually where we came up, but every social story needs some drama 🙂


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