Dr. Tanveer Ahmed – former White Ribbon Ambassador

Australian psychiatrist and former White Ribbon ambassador, Dr. Tanveer Ahmed, recently gave a talk at the Domestic Violence Symposium in Toronto. I will share the audio of the talk here now and later add points from the talk that I find particulary important. He was asked a few months ago to step down from his position as ambassador of the feminist White Ribbon campaign after writing an article about male victims of domestic violence. Doing so he had not intended to cause outrage but to highlight an aspect of the domestic violence problem that was not getting any attention. He saw what he was doing as part of his job in the domestic violence campaign. What seems a long time ago now, I likewise was writing about men’s issues on fb, innocuous comments about things that I had observed, not under the banner of men’s rights activism / advocacy at all. I did not know then that such a thing existed. And just like Dr. Ahmed, I was stunned by the virulent reactions I was getting. But just like him, rather than silencing me, the accusations of me being a men’s rights activist lead me to check out what that is and discover a world out there that I didn’t know existed, people who are not evil as the media likes to claim but who are fed up with the ideologically driven narrative that they are being fed, which does not correspond to people’s lives reality and leads to division and strife between people instead of peace and harmony.

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