Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj on men’s issues in India

Finally Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj has uploaded the Tedx talk she gave on men’s issues in India about a month ago. She is a great resource of information for people who do not live in that country. I am very glad I found her after being puzzled for a long time abut why the European media is only presenting the women’s side of things. After all men and women exist together, so you can never have the whole picture by consistently excluding one half from the conversation. With this one sided perspective it has gotten to the point where people look at you like you’re the scum of the earth when you say that you’re not a vegetarian but the same people don’t blink an eye when you confront them with the astronomically high male suicide figures across the globe. So it just happened to me at a party I recently attended where upon me saying that I work on men’s issues a French lady went ballistic, exclaiming: “But ….. but … men are the perpetrators and women are the victims …” Note that this is NOT paraphrasing but the actual words used, from which she went on to say that she had recently been to India where the men enjoy so much more freedom than the women. She was completely untouched by the suicide figures that I confronted her with. When people have more empathy with chickens than with men my admiration for someone like Deepika, daring to go against the grain, grows even more.

One Indian lady fighting the empathy gap:

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