Video about Misandry in Pakistan

I made this website two years ago, after visiting my friend from study abroad in the UK in her home country, Pakistan, with the aim of dispelling stereotypes and prejudices about this South Asian country. When I told people in the UK and Germany where I was travelling to I was told that it was too dangerous and that Pakistan was a country that was bad for women. When I came back I couldn’t say anything to counter the first claim as the safety situation is poor to say the least. The fear from terrorist attacks and communal and political violence determines how people live their every day lives. Add to that constant power outages and every day activities that people in Europe don’t think about twice become a challenge even for the part of the population who is lucky to not belong to the majority of the poor. That the international media tends to focus only on one half of the population has begun to increasingly bug me.

So it was very refreshing to see this video that Pakistani men and women have made recently:

misandry in pakistan misandry in pakistan3

misandry in pakistan2

On the same issues:

2 thoughts on “Video about Misandry in Pakistan

  1. Very good video. I was born in a so called male-dominant society and your video reflects very well the widespread (and totally unnoticed) misandry I’ve seen there. In my experience, societies with a high level of misogyny also have a very high level of misandry, human rights abuses and violence. Let’s also remember thousands of men dying in those societies from violence, wars and other conflicts – common causes of male gendercide totally unnoticed in such societies 😦

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