What shirtgate tells us about men’s desires and male power

All around the world people share two basic beliefs:

  1. A man’s greatest desire is to oppress a woman.
  2. Because men have historically written most texts and appeared more in the public sphere they are the ones who determine how life should be lived by all women and the remaining men who are not public speakers, writers, judges, etc. (Feminists call that ‘patriarchy hurts men too’)

So, a man has this desire to oppress women AND the power to enforce this oppression. Having lived among men and women for 31 years my impressions about what desires they both have are slightly different. But let’s look at #shirtgate and what Matt Taylor’s desires and actions were, apart from that insignificant thing with the comet. 😉

For his big day he wore a shirt that his female friend made to promote women empowerment. Mh, interesting way of oppressing a woman by wearing the shirt that she made and transporting her message out into the wider world. His actions look more like he likes women and wants to please them. When another woman complains that his shirt is bad for women empowerment (how is head not buzzing with confusion at this point? Mine certainly is!) he breaks down in tears and apologizes. His strong desire to make women happy and do anything to please them should be clear to anyone right now.

Further, it should be clear to anyone what has been clear to women who are honest all their lives. There are some vocal women who have a keen interest in pushing their own way of life onto other women and making them belief that this is how a woman has to be and it is the only way. I was quite confused as a teenager when I opened women’s magazines and were told on every other page that this and only this is the right way of being a woman. Ever since them I have avoided them like the pest. But in recent years women’s issues have been creeping into the mainstream media in such a dominant way that you cannot open any publication anymore without being told how you should live your life as a woman. I am getting sick and tired of being made to feel that I have not succeeded in my life because I am not in a STEM field. Apparently women empowerment is not about women doing what they are interested in and being successful in realizing their personal dreams. No, they have to realize the dreams of some outspoken Feminists. Become engineers, computer programmers or politicians even though most women have no interest in going into these fields. They claim that women aren’t encouraged enough in their childhood to go into these fields. As a child I have probably seen more trains and have been their explained their inner workings than most kids, but ironically I observed that they worked just fine whereas I observed very odd behavior in adults. That’s why I developed in interest in learning about different behavior in humans, in order to understand why they acted so strangely. I still ask myself why? when I see strange societal phenomena. When I see men sit cross legged on the subway I ask myself why? Because they are anatomically different to women. When I see Feminists starting a media campaign about men sitting cross legged on the subway, I ask myself: why do they not know that men and women are anatomically different? Why do they at other times pretend that anatomic differences mean that men are indestructible and instruct social services to look for the fault in the husband whenever there is a family conflict even though women in relationships are just as violent as men? Maybe, just maybe, if Feminists didn’t make people behave so strangely girls would not want to explore the world or human behaviour and study literature and culture but will want to find out out how to make faster and more climate friendly trains. 🙂

I ventured slightly off topic in trying to show how it’s women and not men, as is usually claimed, who like to define how women should live. Tomorrow in my seminar on “Islam, Gender and Democracy: Comparative Aspects between the Arab World and India” we might again talk about how certain Hadiths and Sunnahs were interpretated in such a way as to very clearly define the roles of women. Apparently that was done by men to control women. Ironically I have in 31 years not come across men who had a strong opinion on what I should be like as a woman. (Except for male Feminists) I have though personally come across such women who claimed: “This is what women do.” (I never do such things) or “This is how women live” (I never intend to live this way) and been bombarded with media reports on what women should be like. While I am not conservative, I found this article that I came across today very interesting. It talks about how the majority of women in the UK feel like they have to live the life that a minority of vocal women have defined as the ideal life of a woman. Needless to say that they are finding it less than ideal. http://conservativewoman.co.uk/belinda-brown-feminism-silenced-women-far-effectively-men-ever/

With everything that is going on around me I find it very hard to believe that in the past women had no opinion of their own and men had a strong desire to define their lives. Very hard indeed to believe that there were no women involved in convincing men to interpret certain hadiths in such a way that they would present they lifestyle of this particular woman as the ideal one. No one could fault them. In the past societies had to be very homogeneous. It’s completely understandable that women would push for their life style to be declared universal so that they would not have to fear being asked to live differently. Live and let live! 🙂 And stop holding men responsible for women’s decisions.

Who is the slave to whom?

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