My library Sandwiches

Scrolling through my twitter this morning I came across a hate page about myself. It was the usual slurs. Nothing to get excited about. Only one person wanted to give me the kind advice to make some sandwiches. I thought that was awfully nice since outside food is quite expensive. However, at this point my sandwiches were already done and I was ready to dash off to the library. Apparently these people aren’t aware that being savvy with money is an inherent part of anti-Feminism. After all I have to answer to myself if at the end of the money there is still too much month left. For me there is no patriarchy that I can blame for making take away food expensive or for paying me as a part time translator less than a full time consultant. Anti-Feminism is about being fully accountable for all your actions and decisions and dealing with the consequences like an adult instead of whining that the guy in front of you bought the last chocolate ice cream that you needed so badly. Have a good day everyone and don’t forget your sandwiches when you leave the house. 🙂IMG_20140925_100406

5 thoughts on “My library Sandwiches

  1. My husband and I took out life insurance policies recently. Our agent told us to take out a bigger policy on him because statistically men will make more money in their lifetime than women will in theirs, even though women currently have a higher college graduation rate than men. Interesting.

    • So the guy works ass his off (longer hours, more inconvenient locations, dangerous jobs), dies an early death and as a result the woman gets a sh*tload of money? Not a bad deal for the lady I’d say 😛

  2. My husband and I are both teachers with bachelors degrees. I actually graduated with honors whereas my husband did not. He makes 10,000 more than I do a year.

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