18 Things Females Seem To Not Understand (Because, Female Privilege)

Fully aware of No 16. That’s why I have decided to speak out about injustice against men. Well, in a way I always have. But when I realised that men aren’t really allowed to do that I knew that I, as a woman, am in a privileged position to do so. I do not really understand the Feminist idea of ‘rights’. I have grown up with obligations, which in turn gave me privileges that others didn’t have. Whenever I realise that I am in a privileged position, with regard to a certain issue, I feel the duty to use my privilege. “16. Female privilege being able to have an opinion without someone tell you you’re just “a butthurt fedora-wearing neckbeard who can’t get any.” “

Thought Catalog


1. Female privilege is being able to walk down the street at night without people crossing the street because they’re automatically afraid of you.

2. Female privilege is being able to approach someone and ask them out without being labeled “creepy.”

3. Female privilege is being able to get drunk and have sex without being considered a rapist. Female privilege is being able to engage in the same action as another person but be considered the innocent party by default.

4. Female privilege is being able to turn on the TV and see yourself represented in a positive way. Female privilege is shows like King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond where women are portrayed as attractive, competent people while men are shown as ugly, lazy slobs.

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5. Female privilege is the idea that women and children should be the first rescued from any sort…

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