Spare a moment for the innocent men

I love the BBC and thus criticising them doesn’t come easy. Disregard for male lives is just so ingrained in human culture that the venerable British Broadcasting Cooperation is not safe from it.

Listened today, as most days on my commute to the Globals News Podcast as a journalist was interviewing the former advisor of the Israeli army:

“From a legal point of view, because you used to advise the Israeli army on the legality, you would argue that it is proprotionate to kill women and children and know that you are doing so because in the process you might get a hamas member or a hamas weapon store?”

Apparently in the view of this BBC reporter Paleastinian men are either hamas frighters or less than collateral damage. They do not even deserve mention. It is simply expected of men to die without anyone shedding a tear.

Valenti mocking men

When will Feminists allow themselves to realize that for centuries men have given their lives so that women can live. Without men’s sacrifice neither I nor any of these contemptuous of men Feminists would be here today. Humans would have never become the most dominant species on earth if we had not regarded men as disposable. But now that we are 7bn and the planet has hardly enough resources for all of us it is high time we start regarding men as precious as we have always regarded women. Between 1901 and today the difference in life expectancy between men and women has widened from 1 year to 5 years. In the US sex selective abortion favors girls over boys. If we continue like that we will end up with a planet without men – a Feminist’s dream come true. But before that will happen humanity is likely to end. We need men as much as we need women and civilian men killed in war deserve as much of our empathy as civilian women killed in war.


2 thoughts on “Spare a moment for the innocent men

  1. I really like your point about the victimization of “women and children” while men’s deaths are ignored. It’s also very true that men, up until very recently, were the main or sole fighters in war. However, feminism would aim to change this: women have just as much right to fight and die for their countries as men. Also, your point that women are victimized in statements that lump them in with children and ignore men is actually quite in line with feminist doctrine that holds that women are still victimized. Just something to think about.

    • “However, feminism would aim to change this: women have just as much right to fight and die for their countries as men.” Jolly good, but that doesn’t change the fact that in the past it was only men who died in the battlefields. And that was certainly not due to some evil ‘patriarchy’ that was holding women back but due to the fact that women were more precious for survival of the human species and thus it was in the interest of everyone to protect women. Today the world is much safer and overpopulated as well, so it’s fine for women to fill positions that were previously filled mainly by men. But if we had had that approach in the past we would simply not be here today.

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