Why #women against Feminism is the best thing that ever happened to women

Just a very quick note as I seriously need to catch up on some sleep. After living for one week according to US American time, i.e. staying up until the morning and then getting a couple of hours sleep before work I am beginning to feel like a zombie. I don’t think Twitter is something that I would like to take part in on a regular basis. It is is really difficult to make a solid argument in 160 characters. It all tends to just end in people arguing, as people only reinterate very basic points while they do not have enough space to reason their points. Most exchanges end after a couple of angry tweets. The one good thing that happened is that I have a met a few like minded people, who have confirmed my suspicion that the media repoorting we receive in Europe about Pakistan and India does not reflect reality. I hope to stay in touch with these people and learn more from them about the different challenges that men and women, girls and boys face in India and Pakistan.

In the meantime I just want to send a virtual hug to the woman who started the tumbl blog http://womenagainstfeminism.tumblr.com/ and facebook group https://www.facebook.com/WomenAgainstFeminism?fref=ts and the people who started the hahstag on Twitter. I am actually not sure who that was but it seems to have made all the difference as within days we have gotten a real movement together. So many women who used to sit in their homes and think they were the only ones who thought that something was very wrong with the established narrative about men and women. So many women who tried to point out these issues in discussions on social media and were confronted with nasty insults, accusations of being a fake female profile of a frustrated men and worst of all blockings. It is not without reason that on my ‘about’ page I have a picture of myself as a six year old peeking through the just demolished Berlin wall. Free speech is sacred to me. Take away my voice and you will have my wrath. Well, you won’t be able to hear my wrath obviously as you have blocked me from communicating with you and thus blocked yourself from hearing my words. I had heard Karen Straughan say before that the world of Feminism is a giant echo chamber. People who voice any dissenting opinion are first harassed and then blocked entirely.  At first I wanted to go on commenting on the facebook page of the Guardian (a formerly intellectual newspaper, last summer I would still carry a copy proudly around with me to show how educated I am 😉 ) to show that I am not afraid of the people who come on, don’t comment on the article and instead just write slurs about me. But then I began to realise that there was not much point in commenting anymore as there were too many holes in the comment thread. I could see people refer to other comments and noticed that I could not see these comments. The good things was that at this point I decided to use my blog again which had lain idle for almost a year, as I had created it with the intention of creating a positive image about Pakistan because what the media in Europe and the rest of the world presents is so utterly negative. But then it tuened out that I am not a Feminist 😉 It’s used as a metaphor and I am glad I can use it here as everywhere else I would now have hate rain down on me. I could simply not exchange a one sided negative view of Pakistan with a one sided positive one. The metaphor is not completely correct as it suggests that there was ever a very negative view of women out there which I would vehemently disagree with. In the past it was socially not accepted for women to do certain things and the same was true for men in regard to other things. Personally I have always felt that as a woman and former girl I have more freedom to cross societal boundaries than men do. I would think the same was true throughout history. Today it’s completely normal for women to work in Europe while stay at home fathers still get funny looks. And even in times in history when it wasn’t common for women to work there were woman working but men staying home with their children while the woman was the breadwinner? Not really.

I have this idea that people labelled me a man because that made it easier for them to insult me. Insulting a man is accepted but with a woman you are supposed to be courteous. When it happened for the first time I felt very hurt. But when I heard from Karen Straughan that the reason why she started videoblogging is that people were constantly accusing her of being a man, I was not so worried anymore. I adore her and so … 😀 I have also larned to take the accusations with a pinch of salt.


Feminists don't get sarcasm

This was on Friday last week. While this Linda woman has been searching me out on every article that I commented on on the fb page of the Guardian I came back to this article on Saturday – where she had left some Feminist talking points in the comments again – but had left my comments alone. It’s too early to say whether her constant harassment is over but I would generally say from my experience over the weekend (where I decided to miss two glorious German summer days in order to support #womenagainstfeminism) I would say that social media has become a much safer space, where people can share opinions without having to fear harassment and blocking. I am endlessly grateful for that to the poeple who got this movement going! When Feminists argue nowadays that I should be thankful to Feminists because without them I would not have a voice, I would not be allowed to have an own opinion, I can only say that very much the opposite of this is true! Without #womenagainstfeminism I did not have a voice. Not on social media and I was increasingly worried that I might have ruined my career by voicing my opinions as Feminism is so ingrained in our society, especially in the areas of life where people should know better than to blindly follow ideologies (I am seriously not sure if my work experience / placement with a German political foundation in Pakistan is still in).

women's page wants peace

On Friday morning I saw this post about peace and wanted to comment that sharing divisive memes with misinformation was no way of achieving peace. I had liked this fb page a few years ago because I support women’s rights. I support women’s rights and men’s rights! But they had recently shared some things that were obviusly not factual and I had done my duty and corrected them. But it apparently they are not looking for dialogue but are only a way one way channel, where they spread their message and if you don’t accept it you get blocked. That is Feminism – accept our message or stay silent!

Blimey, Feminists are still doing their thing on July 29th: accusing me of being a man and want to block me

twitter people want to block name erased

12 thoughts on “Why #women against Feminism is the best thing that ever happened to women

  1. Karen, I’ve seen your comments online. You are offended that people think you’re a man? How do you think feminists feel when you assume they are all lonely, single, man-haters as I have seen you call some. Or when you assume all feminists are female? Or calling western feminists racist and white supremacists when they want to help end acid throwing and honour killings? Think about your actions online before you criticize others’ actions.

  2. Also, the reason men who want to stay home can’t, or can but get funny looks, is because men and women are conditioned from children to like different things. Boys don’t get baby dolls and kitchen toys as children, at least it’s not marketed toward them, because in a patriarchy boys are supposed to be breadwinners. They are supposed to work to support their families. Girls get the baby dolls because girls are supposed to be mothers one day. They are supposed to be the nurturing, family oriented gender. This is the result in living in a patriarchy. Society perpetuates the idea that men are strong and emotionless with an uncontrollable sexual appetite and women are nurturing, kind, and modest…and prob don’t like sex that much, or at least shouldn’t be having it before marriage. Research the virginity movement in the U.S. And abstinence only sex ed in schools. It’s scary! Anyway, men who want to stay home get funny looks by society, not feminists. Feminists don’t believe in perpetuating the standards of men and women in a society, such as a patriarchy.

    • The tender years doctrine states that children under 12 need their mothers as they are more important than fathers, the duluth model in domestic violence states that because men are bigger and stronger than wommen they are always to be seen as the perpetrator and the woman as the victim which results in the few stupid men who do not know about this, who call the cops are being arrested and their children lose the only stable parent they have and have to live under their violent mothers. Marches on US universities with posters carrying slogans that display grossly overinflated rape statistics for male on female rape, campaigns that say ‘men can stop rape’ becasue there is soemthing about masculinity that gives men a strong desire to rape women. Just a few examples of how Feminism has used gender streotypes to further female supremacy and take away basic human rights from men. Thanks to these and other Feminist policies gender streotypes today are more cemented than they were 30 years ago! These are LAWS that have a direct result on the lives of men, women and children. You sound like one when you talk about toys. Toys are not responsible for male victims of dv gettinng arrested and their children left in the care of violent mothers. It is the Feminist duluth model that has that effect on people’s lives.

      • What you just described about women being seen as better with children and men not being as suitable is exactly the views of a patriarchy…almost exactly. The reason men are seen as being more sexually aggressive is because men and women are brainwashed into believing that men “can’t help themselves. It’s all of that testosterone!” That’s why men get the green card when it comes to promiscuity because they “just can’t help it. I mean, do you think guys AREN’T going to look at your boobs when they are noticeable?! I mean, they’re GUYS!” This isn’t said by feminists, but by parents to their daughters, church members, basically everyone. Girls are taught that guys will want to sleep with them if they aren’t modest, and that’s the girl’s fault. Read about the virginity movement in the U.S. geared toward girls only. Feminists argue men CAN control themselves and that rape isn’t the result of what the girl was wearing or where she was at, aka, it’s not the girl’s fault she was raped. Because men are viewed as more sexual, and apparently can’t control themselves, it’s easier for society to believe they are the ones capable of sex crimes and not women, since victimhood has historically been a woman’s condition (think of most Disney movies or other fairy tales where women are victims and need saving).. Feminists don’t think all men are rapists, but more men rape than women and those are just the facts and I’m sorry to say it. I wish no one raped, but well, this isn’t a perfect world.

      • If I was a teacher I would give you a 6 in German marks or an F in American marks for that response. Your response lacks any relation to the arguments put forth by me. I do not know if it is inaptitude or disrespect for the other person that you are communicating with.

      • The “men can stop rape” thing is all about men also speaking up against rape, that is all.
        Fathers still win most of the custody when they ACTUALLY ASK FOR IT. But of course errors occur and we have to try to fix it. What basic human right was taken away from men?

      • ‘Asking for it’ in law terms means splashing out in excess of $ 200,000, which is general cost of a father who wins custody. Father having no rights is a major reason why the men’s human rights movement has grown exponentially over the past few years. It’s the women suffering alongside these men – mothers, sisters, new partners … – who are giving a voice to these long silenced men.

  3. I’m actually a teacher and at my school girls can’t show their shoulders or kneecaps, and of course not cleavage, and not too much of their backs because “it’s a distraction to boys in the classroom. Boys can’t help it, they are just wired that way!!!” Bulllllshhiiittttt. Girls have hormones and eyes too and are expected to have control, why not boys? I’m not making this up either. Sadly it’s all true.

    • I never said you would be making this up. I am well aware of what an extremist country the US is. There is no balance these days. It’s not just a two party system, people also seem to have morals on on polar opposites of the spectrum. Having paid closer attention to what comes from the liberal site in the past few months I am actually beginning to understand why they are introducing such radical measures. None of my German friends would be classified as conservative but everyone was appalled when they met people in the US who treated their abortion like a visit to the dentist. It should be legal and available but that liberals want it to become something that no one bats an eyelid about is just sickening. I was called right winger when I commented on American websites that I object to this. I do not know a single non-conservate nude beach atending German who wasn’t disgusted by Emily Letts. You people are very much responsible for what is happening at your school.

  4. Which, by the way, I don’t believe victimhood is a woman’s condition at all….that idea is perpetrated in society. Again, women being victims and needing saving in fairy tales/children’s stories is common in every culture. Feminists don’t want women to be victims, and try to debunk the idea that women constantly need protecting by men from men. We don’t want women to be afraid to walk alone, but society teaches women to be afraid, not feminists. In fact, I studied abroad in England and also taught in Thailand for a bit. So many people in my life were worried about me being “alone”…especially while in Thailand because of human trafficking. Do men have to deal with that at such a degree or at all? The reason this happens is because men are seen as having “no control over their sexual desires”. If you provoke a man with your boobs (or whatever) then you are just asking for it. “Guys will be guys!” Sadly, so many men buy into this too and then they’re angry that society views them as more capable of committing sex crimes toward “vulnerable” women. I hate it’s the case, but when we live in a society where women are weak and men are aggressive (because of hormones, of course, that women supposedly don’t have) then this is the result.

    I hope you can understand my position.

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