Feminists, Women against feminism and MRM

Let’s fight crimes committed against women and men and stop pretending only women have problems!

The Male Factor

This is in reply to the feminists who are against WomenAgainstFeminism movement

Currently world over there is a huge debate going on whether feminism is dead. The recent movement of WomenAgainstFeminism on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter has definitely given a much needed jolt to feminism. The campaigners of Women Against Feminism has categorically expressed that they are not a Men’s Rights Movement and they should not be considered as MRAs. But this movement is of great significance to MRM as well.

Feminists say that it is a movement for freedom, equality, choice, love, compassion, respect, solidarity and education. There argument is because there is crime against women existing in the world feminism is needed. They quote examples of a Pakistani woman being beaten to death for marrying her choice of man but they don’t understand that even men are killed like this for marrying against their family wish. So it…

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