What’s good for the goose makes the gander cry


Edited to add the BBC radio interview is  here: 


Hey remember when this meme was doing the rounds? Feminists would post it any time a man would point out that men suffer in our society, too.


This one was popular, too.

male tears 2

and this one.

male tear 3

And who can forget Chanty Binx aka Big Red singing Cry Me A River in response to the trivial  and totally hilarious issue of male suicide?

Seems like the popularity of the #womenagainstfeminism hashtag on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook has caught a lot of feminists off guard, and they are now reacting furiously to women who like to think for themselves with a lot of nu-uh you dumb bitch, you don’t know what feminism IS! Read the dictionary you stupid dumb cunts! Go fuck a goat in traffic!

Yeah, someone really did tweet that last one.


Here is my response. Feel free to make…

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