To the HangTheRapist campaigners

The Male Factor

This is dedicated to all those morons who say #HangTheRapists without knowing or understanding the implications to their own self or to the future generation. These morons definitely do not know that what the rape law is, they don’t know how these crimes are proved and how criminal justice system works and they definitely did not take any lesson from Tarun Tejpal or Justice Ganguly cases. These morons have no knowledge about the serious implications of the Nirbhaya Act but still give their moronic views about hanging someone.

Recently these idiots have gone one step further to demand death penalty for the juvenile rape accused if they are found guilty. This is not only shame for India but for them too. But before we understand why this is shame, let’s look at the Nirbhaya Act for Sexual Assault that these morons never bothered to check.

First of all what these…

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2 thoughts on “To the HangTheRapist campaigners

    • I am glad you’re working on it! I was obiously shocked about the rape in Dec 2012 but was just as shocked about the hanging campaigns. I tried to reason with people on fb but not much luck. I have been recently thinking about how one sided the media in Europe reports about India but didn’t feel qualified to write on it as I have never been there. Btw. is anyone addressing the problem that millions of men won’t be able to find a wife? I would find it tough if I lived in a country of mainly women.

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