Dowry Death – With a difference

Feminism hurts men and women!

The Male Factor

You have heard about dowry death of women. Today I will show you different kind of dowry death –

Yes there are many such cases like this and we don’t have any statistics of this kind of cases. Nor does anyone bother to keep a tab on the same. Even the Hon. SC has recently spoken against the legal terrorism unleashed by the misuse of women centric laws.

Burning a husband alive

In another incident in Jaipur a husband was burnt alive in Jaipur by his wife. But there is hardly any media news on the same. One local Jaipur newspaper published it and I could not find any online news link. This is how media suppresses this kind of news and make us think of only bride burning.

The problem lies deep in the creation of these laws. While drafting the laws it has always been the case that only feminist organizations play…

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