… because Feminists are after my washing machine :O

washing machines - KopieI have never felt oppressed by my washing machine. In fact, this week as the heatwave continues I had to wash some t-shirts by hand as there was no time for a full wash. It just reminds one what a huge time saving device a washing machine is. Also, travelling to Pakistan where even middle class families don’t have a washing machine as it is pointless with the contant power outages and thus need a maid or in poorer families work day and night, it becomes apparent that it was no coincidence that Femnism took off in the 1960s when it was in the 1950s that many such time saving appliances had become affordable for many families in ‘Western’ countries. Women had more time son their hands and so were looking for something to do. Poorer women never had time to be outraged.

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