Upcoming Feminism Debate with Julie Bindel: “Islam or Feminism: which one can truly liberate women?”

Zara Faris

Very excited to announce that Julie Bindel (journalist and activist) and I will be debating the question, “Islam or Feminism: which one can truly liberate women?”

Julie Bindel is a journalist, broadcaster, author and feminist campaigner, and is a founder of ‘Justice for Women’. She writes for the Guardian, New Statesman, Standpoint Magazine, The Spectator and the Sunday Telegraph, and has written articles on the issues of Muslim women.

I first spoke with Julie Bindel when we discussed whether the Niqab should be banned in the UK, which you can listen to here: http://zarafaris.com/2013/09/21/radio-debate-should-the-niqab-veil-be-banned-in-britain/

So, does Islam posit a viable way of life and solutions for women? Do women need feminism to formulate, understand, and support their position in society? Does a hybrid solution between Islam and feminism really make sense? Save a space in your diary this October 2014, to attend this exciting discussion in London, inshaAllah.


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