I reject Feminism because ….

10500498_10152139320330882_4195208873619264014_nBeen having ideas for some of these ever since the last ridiculous “I need Feminism” campaign. For two reasons I hesitated writing them down, one being that – as explained in this article: http://icecreaminpakistan.com/2014/07/11/the-mcdonaldisation-of-opinions/ – the wording of the original campaign left no space for dissent. Saying “I don’t need Feminism” feels to me like saying “I don’t need jam. I am happy with plain bread.” But Feminism is not an unnecessary sweety, like jam, but rather a disgusting slime that would ruin my bread 😛

Secondly, I am worried about ruining my career prospects as Feminism is such a sociatelly accepted ideology that voicing any concern over its tenets makes you an immediate outcast. But hey, people didn’t tear down the Berlin wall, so that I would worry about speaking my mind. And there is a sisterhood out there that needs support, women being bashed by Feminists for thinking critically about the ideology. Nope, I will never be a woman’s woman and support people based on gender, I will always support those who need support, just like people supported me when I was bullied.

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