Comic relief :D

I am currently trying to wean myself off facebook, for the reasons explained in this article ( and write longer opinion pieces here on my blog in the hope of attracting more people who are actually interested in an enlightening debate and not a personal bashing of people who present a different viewpoint. That is made slightly harder by people who message me saying that they value my contributions. However, to make up for the wasted time (that’s how it feels when above things happen once again) I will share some of the more bizarre things here. Of course with the names and pictures blocked out. I have no interest in shaming or ridiculing anyone personally. Even though some people have already taken to writing in the comment section of articles: “Don’t read Karen’s comments. They are [enter random insult] I have no desire to imitate that sort of behaviour.

patriarchy is paying me I should put my reply into the ‘about me’ section of my blog, so that no one has to wonder any longer which patriarchal organisation is paying me.

woman accuses me of being Muslim What made this lady think i am a Muslim I do not know. My cover picture in front of badshahi mosque? At least when I was there, being Muslim was no prerequisite for visiting. Maybe I had mentioned that I am taking seminars at university on Islam? The idea that only Muslims should learn about the religion is a rather strange one to me.

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