Third world problems?

 First world problems: A year ago ago Earl Silverman hanged himself because after sacrificing all of his personal money and time for 20 years to run a shelter for abused men he was once again denied funding by the Candadian government and had to file for bankruptcy. Since the government believes that we live in a patriarchy people wanting to help battered men are seen as attention seekers, as obviously in a patriarchy men oppress women and the very idea of men needing a safe place from abusive women is just laughable.

men's sheltersI had known about Earl before but happened to be reminded of him in a video that I was watching on youtube, thinking that here is one of the faces to the high statistics of men who committ suicide. He sacrificed his life in the pursuit if helping others, enduring constant ridicule from individuals and from the authorities. The next morning I wake up to see a facebook status from a Pakistani women who feels ridiculed because a businessman wanted a male witness present when installing the fridge that he was about to sell her. Instead of thinking about what motivated him to think this way and act like that she claims that the cure for her problem will be a system under which she can buy as many fridges as she wants and this man and every other man will be ridiculed to the point where they just give up, as men are doing these days in every country where this system has been successfully installed. I was hesitating for a moment when I wanted to comment. Previous experience had shown me that the aim of her social media activity was not enlightening debate but self-affirmation. After she had asked me to transcribe a youtube video for her as she is apparently not using a proxy server I had sacrificed my sleep in order to aid her but then never heard back from her. Apparently the information from the video did not gel with her ideology and there was no easy way for her to attack what had been said in the video. Next thing I saw her sharing these condescending drawings, that portrayed women like imbeciles, and call them powerful. So, I sort of gueesed what was going to happen. But then again, I thought, the point of my facebook friend list is not to have people displayed there with whom I cannot talk, so I’ll just give it a go. My comment, that Feminism was not the solution to her problem was apparently the the worst personal attack that anyone could committ on her. As I said earlier, I had not known that blocking people who challenge your assumptions was a thing, but this is what promptly happened.

 Third world problems:

Men wanted male witness for refrigerator installation- CopyThere is so much wrong with this statement that I don’t even know where to begin with. “well-off young ladies in the West” – So this is her idea of the people who disagree that Feminism is the solution to her problem. I Ido not know how old she is but this statement reeks of naivite. Feminism is a rich white women’s movement, hence why many poorer women oppose it. The most popular anti-Feminist on the web, Karen Straughan from Canada, works as a waitress. I very much doubt that she is well-off. I myself would be classed as poor in Germany. I had to scrap all my savings together to buy the flight ticket when I visited Pakistan. I tend to think that educated Pakistanis are very well aware that most people in the ‘West’ aren’t well off. But then I also tend to think that most women would laugh at the idea that men are born with a desire to oppress women and yet this view is not only voiced by individuals but determines government policies around the globe.

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