The religion of our times

Whenever people suggested that all humans would live peacefully together if we just got rid of religions, I always countered that people need something to believe in. Some theory that explains the world in simple terms and creates dichotomies. This is not meant to insult religious people but we all know that Eva wasn’t carved out of Adam’s rib and that the world wasn’t created in 7 days. Likewise we all know that the idea of men systematically oppressing women makes no sense, as such an inclination would have lead to the extinction of the human species and not to it becoming the most domiant species on planet earth. So I was very surprised to recently learn that actually a huge number of people literally believe in this theory. And not only do they believe in this theory they regard every person who questions that belief as a blasphemer.

I already had to deal with some baseless anger on social media for pointinng out that men are disadvantaged in many areas as well and condescension in real life (Human rights seminar – link will follow) but the reactions I received on social media sinnce openly questioning the ideology of Feminism were absolutely bizarre, cosindering that up until hat point I used to think that I live in a world where free speech is not only allowed but valued. I was proven to be wrong, as soon people would not only insult me, without even reading my comments, but would band together to warn other people not to take my comments seriously, as I either a troll or a man posing as a fake woman. When I first realised that some comment threads didn’t seem to make sense I thought that the newspaper had censored them and deleted some comments. Then I read a comment by someone who was basically saying that he could no longer see the comments of this or that person because they had blocked them. At that moment I realised what had happened, but had some trouble taking it in. Social media had for me always meant a place of absolute free speech and honest debate between people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. But now more and more people started blocking me because I said that we are having unequal laws as a result of Feminism. Often I got to read this statement: ‘Every critcism of Feminism means that more Feminism is needed’. So basically, I had been gagged. Everything that I would say would be used agianst me. That is when I finally understood the Feminazi.

But as an Eastern German I don’t even need to get out my history books. Every now and then I take foreign students to the secret prisons in Berlin where people ended up who questioned the way that Socialism was working in Eastern Germany. I didn’t get to that age where the ideology of my home country would have affected me that much, but I do rememeber that debate in our living room was not possible as our neighbour had hisgarden just outside the livinng room window and my dad was suspecting that he worked for the secret police. The East German police had countless inofficial employees, who were spying on their neighbours and reporting whether they criticised anything the state did or didn’t do. Even though that system had some pros, like everyone being employed and the education system being very good, especially in regard to STEM subjects – it’s no coincidence that chancellor Angela Merkel has a phd in physical chemistry – at the same time, if you rejected the ideology your mental abilities counted nothing: you would become a mechanic and not an engineer. Janice Fiamengo details on why she only dared to speak out once she was in a safe professorship position, event though she still thinks that she has harmed her career. It’s ironic when Feminists claim that they want to help women and end up silencing women and hampering their careers. The woman who just blocked me on fb for saying that Feminism would not alleviate her problem with the shop owner who wanted men present when installing the new fridge, tends to put up statuses about people who get arrested for blasphemy, about unblocking youtube, and about holocaust deniers. Blocking me for questioning the ideology that she sees as force against all evil (we’ve heard that phrase many times before) makes as much sense as arrestinng someone for preferring not to follow a religion or even just asking why something is said a certain way in a religious book. Feminism – the religion of our times.


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