I’m An Anti-Sexist, Liberal Doctoral Student, Wife, And Mother Who Supports The Men’s Rights Movement Over Feminism, Here’s Why

Can’t believe I forgot to include Janet Bloomfield in my article on anti-Feminist women. Will reblog her article on her stance as an anti-Feminist to make up for that.

Thought Catalog

I’m a pro-abortion, pro-marriage equality, anti-racism, anti-sexism, small “L” liberal, doctoral student, wife, mother and woman and I support the Men’s Rights Movement. Here’s why…

9164447523_74860e955b_zvia Flickr Commons

Like many, if not most, of my liberal arts educated contemporaries, I spent most of my college years immersed in feminist theories and thoughts, all of which appeared to give me new tools to understand the world I was living in, and suggested concrete ways I might go about changing the parts of the world I didn’t much like. The first inkling that there might be something amiss with my new tools arose when I gave birth to my first child and became a stay-at-home-mother, dependent on my husband for economic security. It wasn’t so much the sneering contempt for my choice that clued me in. I met the ubiquitous “goodness! What do you do all the day?” comments with aplomb, I…

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