Some vegetarians eating fish does not make it a vegetable

Karen Straughan

Karen Straughan

janice-fiamengo-3Prof. Dr. Janice Fiamengo

Sen Anne Cools

Sen. Anne Cools

erinpizzeywsErin Pizzey

Alison Tieman

Alison Tieman


Christina Hoff Summers

The above ladies all have one thing in common. They are not only outspoken critics of Feminism, they have openly declared themselves anti-Feminists (except for Christina Hoff Summers, who labels herself Feminist but was declared anti-Feminist by the sisterhood; so much for the often heard claim that Feminists come in all shades and sizes). One more thing that they have in common is that none of them featured in last week’s Guardian article on anti-Feminist women. Instead it was accompanied by a picture of Sarah Palin. That was as random as writing about anti-Feminist women and accompanying the article with a picture of a brocoli. Ever since accidentally taking a seminar on Feminism (link to separate article to follow) this semester and the misandery that erupted in the media and social media after a mass shooting in Santa Barbara I have spent every minute of my free time and a bit more (yes, right now would not be a good time to ask for a pay rise at my part time job and there remains that last German Litertaure exam that I was supposed to have done before my dad’s 74th, oops) researching criticism of Feminism as I thought that I couldn’t be the only one who finds the whole concept of patriarchy not only bizarre but also hateful towards men and women. Turned out that I wasn’t alone and the people questioning the ideology were neither 18 year old virgins as Feminists like to claim, nor where they only men (as if it matters, as I don’t discrimante based on gender). Instead they were such women as I had always imagined Feminist women to be. Indeed, apparently someone said to Karen Straughan that she is the woman that Feminism always promised but never delivered. That’s just spot on.

Sarah Palin was the one person that I did not come across while watching videos and reading articles by anti-Feminists. I can imagine that she is critical of Feminism but to present her as head of or even part of the movement is like presenting fish as a vegetable. Sure, some people call themselves vegetarians and eat fish, but that does not mean that fish is not an animal. Sarah Palin is not a member of the anti-Feminist movement. In fact, as a conservative woman she would be welcome but would certainly constitute a very small minority in the anti-Feminist movement. The only conservatives in the movement tend to be people who are resorting back to traditional gender roles because in the current system the more flexible gender roles cannot work.

I have not come across a single person who would prefer women not to have the vote and similar bizarre things that Jessica Valenti lists in her article as the goals of female anti-Feminists. Everyone can go for themselves and watch Karen Straughan’s videos, where she articulates very well what I felt my whole life, the disastrous impact that partriarchy theory has had on the way that men and women interact with each other. Everyone can go and watch Prof. Dr. Fiamengo detail on how she went from devout Feminist, even writing a Feminist phd dissertation to questioner and ultimately opted to aid the setting up of a men’s society at the campus of the University of Toronto at which point she learned that Feminists support women as long as these women don’t support men or equality. She gave some great talks in the past 1 1/2 years which would have provided ample material for an informed article on the female anti-Feminist movement and what their points of criticism are. But instead, with all the bashings of conservatives (brocoli) there was no speace for Prof. Dr. Fiamengo in Jessica Valenti’s article. There was also no space for Erin Pizzey ( or Sen. Anne Cools, who has fought hard to help victims of domestic violence in Canada and who also lead a committee that surveyed the Canadian public on how they want divorce laws to change. No space either for Alisan Tieman and the other Honeybadgers ( Well, if you write an article about vegetarians and go on about fish there just won’t be space for brocoli 😉

I think one thing that I have in common with Feminists, who fight to protect their ideology with tooth and claw, is that I find it hard to come to terms with the fact that the Guardian is not the intellectual newspaper that I used to believ it was, but instead just a newspaper that follows a particular agenda and supports concepts that it finds appealing and rejects all criticism of these concepts. I might sound naive but this is actually a pretty big disappointment for me. :/

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