Everyday Facebook manipulation

Domestic Abuse princessesThere was big excitement recently on social media about the way that facebook had been influencing their user’s newsfeeds in order to manipulate their emotions. To be honest, I couldn’t muster the energy to get enraged about that as I am so used to everyday manipulation of people’s emotions, not in the selection of articles, but plain openly within the articles.

It tends to be a little more subtle so that one needs a bit of a trained eye to see it but this ‘article’ was so obviously trying to mislead people into thinking that domestic violence is a women’s problem that it only garnered few comments and half of them were appalled by this rubbish. In 60% of cases domestic violence is reciprocral, meaning that both partners batter each other. Whenever it is just one person it is the women in 50% of cases. If this artist wanted to use Disney characters to visualise domestic abuse he or she did a very poor job of it as what they have produced is not enlightening but plainly misleading. But as one commentator under the article on fb says, maybe we should be thankful to this artist and the ‘journalist’ who shared his or her work as it helps people to see the bias that is at work whenever interpersonal issues are dealt with.

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