The other Pakistan

Something that Europeans never get to hear about is that the upper crust in Pakistan lives a very different life from that of the general public. Leaving out the majority of people who are very poor, general public means people who still live under plenty of constraints. For the rich though constraints is a word that is not included in their dictionary.

Unfortunately I still can’t read Urdu but according to my friends the article claims to be proof of women empowerment in Pakistan which my friends say is a ridiculous claim as these rich women empowered because they are rich and not because they are women. And that is entirely true. Contrary to many Europeans’ believes it was my observation that income is the factor that has the most impact upon how freely people live in Pakistan.

4 thoughts on “The other Pakistan

  1. You are probably right…. Women in Pakistan never get empowerment because they are women…May be that’s what our culture is. Money on the other side, can buy everything , including respect. What a double faced society !!

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