Is it 1984 or why do you think you have the right to tell me what to look at?

I have always been and will always be a proponent of every person’s right to wear whatever clothes they chose. Being a very sweaty person myself and often running late the first thing I usually do when finally entering the train or building is take off jackets, pullovers and scarves.  When I was a child turtleneck sweaters were the fashion. They gave me proper claustrophobia. In summers I prefer shorts or skirts and I am glad at my part time job it seems no problem not to wear tights when the temperatures climb higher. Last week I was in a rush to catch my train and thus just stuffed the tights into my backpack and planned to put them on later. Turned out that the office was still quite warm and they were never needed. In winters I used to come home, take my skirt off and walk around in tights in my shared apartment with two girls. Mind you, if it were guys I might still do the same if they were good friends, home is home and you must have a place where you can be comfy.

On American and British university campuses some people like to be comfy in classrooms as well and go their in jogging pants. What the heck, as long as they take a shower after putting their pajamas on for class they can do whatever they like. Then a few years back I observed with a friend that the latest fashion was wearing leggings without a skirt over them. Suddenly you were walking on the street and lots of women were thrusting their bum into your face. Just the idea of going out lime that appalled me. It’s just as if they had forgotten to put a skirt on. You just couldn’t help looking as the fabric was so tightly clinging to their skin that you could differentiate some people better by the shape of their bottom than by their faces.

Even more was I surprised when I saw an internet campaign telling me that I was a pervert for looking at them. Apparently a guy was so so upset by other guys looking at these women that he made a sort of social experiment dressing up in leggings and loading the boot of a car. When people looked at him he confronted them and told them – or as Feminists would say: shamed them – that this is what it’s like to be a woman. Nothing annoys me more when some vocal women and men go around telling people what it’s like to be a woman. Apparently, because I am never in a situation where people look at my leggings clad bottom I am not really a woman?

No, this situation does not describe what life is like for women. It describes what life is like for people who for reason whatsoever chose to wear leggings without a skirt and chose to thrust their bottoms into people’s faces.

ass in leggings

The people were looking at that guy, not because they thought he was a woman, but because he was wearing tight leggings without a skirt over them and basically holding his ass in the air in such a way that any woman would be drawn to look at it. Just another way of shaming men for reacting like any human would.

The media hype is about women who dress for attention and then whine when they get the attention they so craved in the first place, they state that men must be perverts because they were looking at them when in fact women were looking at them as well, but that is what selective memory is. What sort world are we trying to create by – to use a word beloved by Feminists – shaming people for what they are looking at. Will we soon all have glasses installed that report us to police as soon as we look at something that we weren’t supposed to look at in the eyes of the moral police? Do these people not realize that they are trying to cage us in? Every day there is complaining that we need to be more empathetic, help strangers on the street in need but at the same time we are told that we shouldn’t look at them. A man saw a lost looking three year old while driving down a road. He didn’t pick her up as he was worried that people would see a man with a toddler in the car and think of him as a pervert. The child later drowned in a pool.

I think it was in 2nd grade. On a class trip we were walking down the street, as we passed a child in a wheel chair.  My friend hissed at me that I mustn’t look at her. That incident has never left me. Why should you treat someone as invisible because they look different?

5 thoughts on “Is it 1984 or why do you think you have the right to tell me what to look at?

  1. You do know that wearing leggings with a top (no skirt) has been around since the 80’s, don’t you? Leggings with legwarmers or high heels and cropped tops or sweaters or whatever? They are very 1984! LOL

    • sorry if you don’t understand the reference to a great and revered work of literature. As I said people are free to wear whatever they want. If you want you can wear your pet on your head but allow me the free time to look at your interesting appearance. And that is the sole reason of fashion. Wearing leggings without skirts was indeed the fashion in 1980s, in the 90s we were looking aghast at the pictures and a few years ago the fashion returned and it’s ghastly. Anyway, the whole point of fashion is that people want to be looked at. That is why designers spend time designing clothes. That is why people spend time and money buying clothes. Even people who aren’t much into fashion are disappointed when they buy a new piece of clothing and no notices that it is new and comments on how well it suits them. A campaign that asks people not to look at other people is complete nonsense and goes against all conventions of humans living together.

      • I’m sorry you didn’t understand my joke. Why do you think I chose 1984? It wouldn’t have been funny if I said “very 1982”. Duh.

  2. There is a difference between looking and leering. That being said, yes, I think a lot of the ‘slutty’ fashions that have been on the scene since the 80’s (Thanks, Madonna! 😛 ) are worn to titillate and to shock. The current “slut shaming” nonsense is just that…nonsense. It’s not about “feminism”, it’s about people who have nothing better to do than be constantly outraged about something. This is the Tumblr generation. No one is happy unless they’re unhappy.

    • Yes, there is a difference between looking and leering. But people have forgotten about that difference. Nowadays anyone glancing in the direction of a woman is accused of sexual harassment. The reason also why I am writing about this issue on a blog about Pakistan, even though these leggings are ‘western’ fashion’ is that I keep hearing that Pakistani men do nothing all day but stare at women. Frankly, I observed them, when I was there and found this to not be true.

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