now live!

now live!

aww, they just mentioned me and answered my question:

BBC hangout journalistBBC red womanBBC hangoutBBC blue guyBBC veiled womanBBC bearded guy

Lyse Doucet, it seems to me that the base problem of Pakistan is to achieve a sense of national identity. This has been a difficulty right from the start as it is a very artificial country. In a way, the problem is similar to what many countries in the world are experiencing at the moment, when they are trying to deal with a multicultural (i.e. multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-lingual etc.) population. Except that Pakistan has been like that right from the start. Yet, I wonder if there is a way of the for the people to achieve a sense of togetherness amidst all their differences. As I was travelling through the differences provinces, last year in December, I felt that the country in all its vibrancy has so much to offer. But do you think its people can begin to see it that way and cease all these different separatist movements? Bohut Shukria / Thank you, greetings from Potsdam near Berlin, Germany

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