Bristol Hotel: A Haunting Remnant of the Old, Glittering Karachi

Literaty Pakistan

-By Abeera Akhtar

The building in this picture was the setting for most of the horror stories in my seven year old mind. It was also the view from my room in my grandparents’ house. I would listen in awe as my friend talked about the ghosts that she had seen lurking there in the dark of the night. I would snap the curtains shut at night so I wouldn’t have to stare at that abandoned dwelling. I didn’t know much about it back then. My dada (paternal grandfather) told me it was called Bristol Hotel and that it was constructed pre-partition. My imagination added another detail; I assumed it was haunted.

A new apartment building soon rose from the ground, blocked my view and I forgot about this place until I passed by it one day. I had always viewed it from afar. Walking alongside it felt strange and exciting…

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