First swim since the warm waters of the Arabian sea

First swim since the warm waters of the Arabian sea

Last week while Stand up paddling down our river on Potsdam that is more like a string of lakes with little islands in them, I came past a boat that went but the name of ‘waterphile’. I thought immediately that a truer word has never been spoken. Life without regular immersion in water is just not possible for me. So, I am very glad that the long overdue summer has finally begun in Germany. Of course, you can go to swimming pools in the winter, but that is just not the same thing. It’s like eating and apple as compared to a pomegranate. (Since the latter’s name in German is literally translated ‘grenade apple’ it is obviously on a higher rank thank the meek ‘apple’). Needless to say that the calming effects of the surrounding nature compare favourably to the noisy environment of the cramped pool. The skin doesn’t get damaged by chlorine. But what I would suspect is responsible for the brain freeing effect that swimming has on me is the oxygen content just above the water that is higher than in the air that we usually breathe. So, I think this is how I will start my day tomorrow. Yesterday, I had my first water melon and I thought this is a sign that summer has begun but it really is only today that I have been immersed in the waters of the Havel river.

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