Christmas in Lahore

Because it’s Easter and Germany is covered with thick snow thanks to climate change, I thought it would be a good occasion to share my photos of Christmas in the sunshine 🙂


What winter are they talking about. It’s 31C!


Good thing this is a plastic tree, otherwise it wouldn’t be green anymore in the sweltering heat 😉



This is obviously not the real world, but PC Hotel, where I was waiting with my friend to meet the people from the tourism office for a guided tour of the city.



Unlike in the US or the UK, it is the 24th of December that is the main day for Christmas celebrations in Germany. We don’t have Santa anonymously delivering the presents through the chimney overnight. He comes in the afternoon or early evening (depending on how old the children are), in full costume, with a bag full of presents which are given to each person in the family after they have recited a poem or sang a song. The dinner on that day is usually rather simple potato salad and sausages as everybody is busy with other things, such as decorating the tree in the morning, having a last look at their poems, getting dressed up, and the parents’ finishing off the bag of presents and taking them all to the uncle, family friend or paid student who will play Santa later in the day. I can’t deny that it felt a little bit awkward when sitting in the Lahori sunshine and eating tropical fruits, completely removed from the excitement that the day was bringing about in another part of the world.


Oranges are traditional to eat at Christmas in Germany but this is clearly the first time that I have eaten a lemon fresh from the tree AND on Christmas 😉


Trying to get my first ever Christmas tan


Haha, don’t remember ever before putting nail polish on for Christmas

In the evening we were invited to my friend’s cousin’s engagement party. So, no Santa, presents, excitement, traditional potato salad and sausages but a party after all.


But wait, did I say no presents? When the party was almost over (that is when each and every person had been in the photo 😉  I met three absolutely adorable Christmas Angels, who gifted me with some roses. Unfortunately they didn’t speak any English, so my friend had to be the interpreter. One of the girls said, that she was really excited as she had never met anyone from outside of Pakistan before. I think I was just like them at that age. A bit shy but when something exciting was happening I wouldn’t miss it for anything 🙂



Yeah, I think since last Christmas I believe in Christmas Angels 🙂

25.12.2013 St. Patrick’s Cathedral 

The next morning I went to Christmas mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. A beautiful church from the outside; the inside I couldn’t really see as it was in the Asian fashion ‘decorated’ with a lot of glitter, which made it look rather like a nightclub 😉 It was a nice mass, but unfortunately there aren’t many pictures as my cameras battery was very low.


 Especially now during this snowy Easter I was reminded of a Christmas in the sunshine, that I won’t forget any time soon.

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