Okay, this is not directly related to my blog about Pakistan, but firstly it’s really well written and expresses some very important points, secondly it concerns all of humanity, thirdly it’s about religion and since I am Catholic and most people in Pakistan follow one religion or the other I’s say it’s relevant after all.

evoL =

ImageA few months ago, I had pondered on what the now retired Pope Benedict might observe and learn on a trip with my family to Disneyland.    He had just made some rude and inaccurate observations about families like mine, and I felt the reality, as demonstrated by tens of thousands of clamoring families in the “happiest place on earth” might give him something to think about.

Instead, he resigned.

Meanwhile, those within his church continued to act out obnoxiously and still others continued to put down lgbtq families, especially those lead by gay dads.  There was some hope and speculation that the next pope might actually be gay, but that is unlikely.  This week he is being selected.

As a gay dad, and a professional, I thought it would be fitting to do what one should, as a matter of courtesy, when someone gets a new job. …

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