Beware of Karachi traffic …

Due to current events that have either kept children out of school or the tv tower in Berlin one visitor short, I feel the need to write about Karachi’s traffic situation. As I see it a contemporary Eastern country and a former Eastern country should be bale to make use of each others inventions. To cut a long story short, a friend of mine was injured in a traffic accident and as a result had to spend a lot of money on the hospital stay that he could have otherwise either donated to the Citizen Foundation or spent on a flight ticket to Berlin in order to see either the tv tower, the world time clock or the wall.

It’s too late for him  now as he will not do any of these things anymore. However, future incidents could be averted if Eastern German Ampelmännchen were introduced. They are traffic lights for pedestrians who look a bit more like human beings than your average traffic light man who usually comes in size zero. The traffic psychologist Karl Peglau rightly thought that people were much more likely to stop if they could identify with the traffic lights men. So he put a hat on their head and gave them a bit of a tummy. As a direct result accidents decreased immediately. After the re-unification of Germany 1990 they were about to disappear as so many things because it was current belief back then that people who didn’t have much weren’t capable of creating anything useful. Luckily the protests were loud enough and the Ampelmännchen did not only survive, but is nowadays also saving lives in former West Germany. Thus, it seemed only logical to introduce these cuties to an Eastern capitalist country where traffic is crazy and ultimately keeps children from going to school.


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